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Our coffees are sourced directly from farms and cooperatives all over the world and roasted to order every weekday, by hand, in our centenary New York roastery. We carry unique single origin offerings and microlots from Brazil, Kenya, Ethiopia, and El Salvador... just to name a few.

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Coffee and Community

For the fourth year running, Dallis Bros. is honored to support our region by bringing out the best of the best in competition. And this year, it's bigger than ever, when we head to Durham, North Carolina to co-host the Big Eastern with our friends at Counter Culture Coffee. Bring it on!

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The Truth Behind the Carriage

And how Dallis Bros. Coffee set the pace for specialty coffee in New York.

Dallis Bros. Coffee is one of the last great scions of a glorious time in New York coffee, when freshly-roasted beans were carted to restaurants, delis and homes by Abe and Morris Dallis themselves, in the back of a horse-drawn carriage.

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As coffee roasters, we've grown with the times for 100 years — from flavor to technology to the great people we work alongside.

Our deep experience with what works, and what will make its mark on the industry, leads us to constant exploration and partnership with true innovators.

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